Accessories for the Cocktail Table

Accessorizing any room or space in your home can be overwhelming to most people. It is the the final layer of the room that can sometimes make or break a space.


Accessorizing the Cocktail Table


Accessorizing the Cocktail Table

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Most people fall into one of these two schools thoughts on this subject. They tend to have nothing in the room but the essentials or they put everything they own and more into a space. Less is more, in my opinion. Editing a room is an essential ingredient to a creating a successful space. And using pieces and items that are personal to the owners makes a house become a home.

Accessorizing the Cocktail Table - Interior Walls Designs

Coco Chanel, the famous French fashion designer, is known to say ” before you leave the house, take off one thing”, meaning a piece of jewelry or accessory. That is how I feel about most items in a room. Edit, edit, and edit again. Negative space, the area or wall that you leave empty, is just a important as the positive space, the area or wall that you accessorize.


Accessorizing for the Cocktail Table - Interior Walls Designs


Accessorizing the Cocktail Table

There are many approaches to styling a cocktail table, therefore there is not a perfect equation for this task. Many will say that styling in groups of three is what works the best. I agree with that but I also know that in design, rules can be broken. Sometime I use five pieces on a table; sometimes only two, and other times a collection of items. I like tables that have a balance of high and low objects and but prefer less objects to an overabundance of items.



Every space is different and it is hard to stick to a steadfast rule. I would rather you have less items than the wrong items. Scale or proportion are critical in making the table feel balanced.



If you have a grouping of items or a collection of pieces, a tray can be used to group these items together and then that tray becomes one item on that table.



Books on a cocktail table can add the height that you need depending on how many books are stacked. Flowers or greenery, and I prefer real plants and flowers, add the height and the natural warmth needed to make the table and space inviting.


Interior Walls Designs - Styling a Coffee Table

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Buy What You Love

Buy what you love and it will all come together. I always try and communicate this to my clients or friends when designing a room. The fact is that it is less expensive to design a room the right way the first time, than it is the wrong way a second time. It has been proven many times in my career that it is more satisfying and less expensive to buy what you love.

It can be as simple as purchasing wallpaper for a room or a mirror for over the fireplace…one detail can enhance the whole look of the room.


Buy What You Love


Buy what you Love

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Many people are consistent shoppers and hunt the isles of the local home decor stores. I have found many deals and steals there for sure. Trust me…sometimes there are awesome deals at bargain prices. BUT only buy it if you love, love, love it. If it is on sale or at a bargain price and you are not sure how long you will even “like” it, much less love it, then do not buy it. To me you have just wasted your money. My theory is “Buy what you love and the rest will fall into place”.

The hardest aspect for most people in terms of design is visualization. For me it is second nature. I can see it instantly in my mind; a complete picture all of it is in my mind. If we use this pillow, on this sofa, with this rug…right there; a picture in my mind.

Others struggle with even the smallest selections. I understand that for most people it is extremely overwhelming to choose one or two items, much less a whole room. That is why I love my job. I actually love it…it ignites me inside and feeds my soul. I love what I do!


Buy What You Love - Interior Walls Designs

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I love to design a room with personal items that tell the story of that person or that family. Some people bring home great finds from their travels and adventures. Others like to fill their space with photos of friends and family. How about that favorite accessory that used to sit on your grandparents table in the living room? Any and all items relating to family and friends makes a space more personal and collected over time.

These four pieces of art were hanging in my grandfather’s study before I was born. Every time I look at them now in my foyer, I think of my grandfather and his worn, hunter-green leather club chair that sat across the room from these prints. The black, back-painted glass make it appears that it has a mat but it is actually back-painted which makes it even more unique and special.



What would I buy at any time on any given day where money wasn’t a concern? Art.

On a recent girl’s trip to Maine, we visited many different towns as we made our way through the state and always happened upon the town’s art galleries to check out the local color. Each of us would peruse the gallery at our leisure, then we all meet back and walk through together to point out what we would buy if we had an endless budget. My friend and I picked the same artist at the Camden Falls Gallery. These pieces by Janis Sanders are oils on canvas. I love all of his work from this series.


Buy  What You Love

Interior Walls Design - Buy What you Love

 Artist Janis Sanders


If you are on a budget and want some original pieces, there are plenty of artists and photographers at colleges or art institutes that sell their art at reasonable prices. Or consider your local galleries for many artists offer commissioned pieces.

If you are a pet lover, maybe you would want to have your pet’s likeness painted like this piece by Happy Menocal.


Buy What You Love

portrait of dog by Happy Menocal


Buy What you Love

I think a portrait of a pet adds character to any space and tells the story of the people that live there. I adore this cat and the contrast of the black and white. This work and many other originals and prints by Kate Pugsley can be found at Etsy.

One piece in the home that I feel needs to be evaluated when purchasing more than most other pieces is your sofa. This piece can typically stay in your home for five or ten years, or maybe even more. I was in a meeting with a potential client recently and she voiced that she bought her sofa five years ago for $900. Never really loved it when she bought it, but is now stuck with it for it was $900. She noted that if she had bought the $1600 one that she really wanted, she would not be so unhappy all these years. Quick calculation… that is $140 more a year, or should I say, 38 cents more per day to be happy.  Seems like a small price to me to be in love with your sofa. Once again, buy what you love and it will all come together.


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For the Love of…Sisal and Seagrass

When designing, I typically feel that a rug can set the tone and define the space in any room. Sometimes it can actually make or break a space. Many times choosing a rug or carpet is a starting point for my designs. But sometimes the room just calls for the simple styling and natural tones and fibers of a seagrass or sisal rug.


For the Love of Sisal and Seagrass

Seagrass and sisal rugs have been popular for more than a decade and have continued to remain an accepted choice for rugs or wall to wall installation. These two natural fibers are sometimes confused for they both have a similar look, but they are very different fibers.

For the Love of Sisal and Seagrass - Interior Walls Designs

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Most people who have seagrass in their home sing its praises, especially on how well it wears. It is extremely durable therefore you may tire of it before it will ever wear out. Since it is grown in water, this product is basically non-absorbent and is a strong, sturdy fiber. It is static-free and typically does not attract dirt and dust. To the touch, it almost feels like it has a wax coating on it.


Sisal and Seagrass - Interior Walls Designs

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Sisal has a rougher texture and with loose, visible hair-like fibers which can sometimes shed. Sisal is made from the agave plant and is more absorbent and can sometimes stain. But sisal has come a long way as far as patterns and colors in the past several years. It continues to be one of my favorite choices for not only its texture but the abundance of patterns and colors that are available.

For the love of Sisal and Seagrass

For the love of sisal and seagrass

For the Love of Seagrass and Sisal

 images via Merida

A wall to wall installation is common with both seagrass and sisal. It is a great background for layering other rugs on top of it as shown here with this hide.


For the love of sisal and seagrass

image via elle decor

When selecting either of these for your home, read the warranties and waivers that come with each product. Some fibers tend to have a grass-like smell which is essentially the nature of the beast. Also note that some products can have somewhat of slick surface and I would therefore use caution when installing this on stairs.

For the love of sisal and seagrass

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New Accessories – New Look

Unexpected touches and design details can make any room more interesting. Implementing  these contrasting elements with a mixture of texture and color can transform any space .

Designing a room around pieces that you love is the basis for any good design. Your key furnishings will be the anchor for the room. Consider trading out existing accessories from room to room or purchasing a few new items. Adding these new accessories can provide a fresh, new look.

The key pieces in these rooms are the upholstered chair, credenza and desk. New lighting, mirror, accent table and desk chair were added to modify the look.


New Accessories - New LookTurquoise Chandelier – 22″ dia x 33″ high / Scalloped Mirror 36″ x 47″ / Ceramic Garden Seat/ Fret Work Dining Chair. Pricing and availability through Interior Walls Designs


Light Fixture – 18″ w x 36″ H / Round Mirror – 34″ diameter / Accent Table -Gilded Gold Leaf Finish – 16″ dia. x 18″ H. Pricing and availability through  Interior Walls Designs


New Accessories - New LookChandelier- 24″ dia x 32″ H / Silver and Gold Leaf Mirror – 30″ w x 50″ H/ Gold Accent Table – 18″ dia. x 22″ H. Pricing and availability through Interior Walls Designs

New Accessories- New LookLantern Light Fixture- 14″ w x 36″ H  or 22″ w x 48″ H / Red  Faux Bamboo Mirror/ Black Accent Table – 37″ dia x 27″ H / Arm Chair.  Pricing and availability through Interior Walls Designs




Faux Bois: It’s not wood

The term faux bois (fō bwah) means false wood in French. This is a pattern that is meant to look like wood or to be an artistic imitation of wood or wood grain. It has graced many areas of the home for years and is still popular today.

These floors were painted in faux bois styling. Designer William Diamond painted the floors of this kitchen and used two contrasting colors to enhance the look of the grain.

2013-01-12_165132image via Coastal Living

As seen at the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishing show this January, these pillows from Callisto Home are shown in a charcoal velvet.


As shown in this rug by Martha Stewart, the pattern looks like a typical wood grain pattern or the pattern of bark from a tree.


image via Neiman Marcus – Martha Stewart

From dinnerware to ceramics, the pattern is everywhere. Even your dog’s bowl can be faux bois.

Faux Bois

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