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Not all hotel rooms are created equal; and that saying may be true for most guest rooms. If you are having family or friends stay in your home, consider making it as inviting as any upscale, hotel suite.


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First, determine what size bed is ideal for your home. It may depend on the size of the room. But it also may depend on how the room will be utilized to its maximum potential. Twin beds are ideal for any homeowner tight on space, meaning there is only one room available in the home and it has to meet the needs for a variety of guests. Twin beds are perfect for two people who would likely share a room together but maybe not the same bed. Twins, as well as full beds, can be purchased in extra long lengths if necessary.

Guest Room Ideas

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Custom daybeds are a refreshing choice for any guest suite. You can use a twin, full or queen mattress depending on the design of the bed. Daybeds can be used as a bed but also serve as a comfortable place to read or watch television.

Guest room - Daybed

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Murphy beds are a great way to turn any room into a bedroom if space is limited. Murphy beds, or wall beds, are hinged at one end to be stored vertically. This bed folds right up into the closet.

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Two beds can have one headboard as shown in this photo. This approach is so refreshing and adds some character to the space.

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If you think your attic space may be too small, think again. Lining the beds up on one wall can give you a new guest room that you didn’t know you had.

Guest Room with Twin Beds in Attic

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    Loved the post on the guest bedrooms. I discovered some new ideas for when I build my home. I think your suggestion of styling the room be like a high end hotel room is an excellent idea. I was once told you should sleep in your guest bedroom to make sure everything is comfortable for your guest. It’s amazing how you will adjust the type of pillow or sheets you have simply by staying in the room a night or two. Keep the great decorating ideas coming….I learn so much from you.

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