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Hidden Doors & Concealed Rooms…Ingenious!

Many homeowners strive for a focal point on a particular wall, hallway or stairwell. Sight lines need to be considered in any space or room in your home. A sight line is the line from your eye to the object you are viewing. In other words, what you see from that particular vantage point. Consider the possibility of taking a typical door or doorway and creating this hidden room. The wall then becomes a more interesting element in the room and can add visual interest and character.

Hidden Doors & Concealed Rooms

Hidden Door & Concealed Rooms

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My clients in this Atlanta home opted for a decorative wall treatment to hide the door to the fifth bedroom. From the view on the staircase, it appears to be a wall of decorative moulding. For the homeowner, it is the entrance into the guest bedroom. Actually, the appraiser for the house missed this room completely when writing his report. He had to return to the home and have another appraisal done for he had it listed as a four bedroom home, not a five bedroom home.

Hidden Doors & Concealed Rooms

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Storage is also a factor for any home. Bookcases allow one to display favorite books, objects and accessories but they also add visual interest. Think about turning a bookcase into the actual door to the room.

Hidden Doors

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Wallpaper – Go Big or Go Home

The power of wallpaper can be dramatic and bold. Its various patterns, color and textures can give any wall character and life. Many times a large pattern or a pattern with color is just what a room needs. But keep in mind, proportion and scale are key elements to the success of any room.


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When considering wallpaper for your space, it can be added to just one wall or all the walls of a room…or maybe just the ceiling if so desired. Do not underestimate the impact and impression wallpaper has in a room. It can act as artwork for wall all on its own.

Wallpaper and murals have been in the midst of a resurgence in the past several years. Murals have life to them and often tell a story as shown here in this room.


image via Atlanta Homes Magazine

This Seabrook wallpaper was added to my client’s powder room off of the kitchen area for added drama and personality.


Designer Benjamin Dhong uses these mural panels of clouds from Cole and Sons to highlight this niche.

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Designs for the Ceiling

There are more than four walls to any room. The ceiling has great impact to your space and needs to be considered when finishing any room. Many times it is overlooked but treating the ceiling can add more detail and impact than you think.

These details can be achieved by a talented carpenter or mill-work designer. The depth and dimension that it adds will not disappoint.


Whether it is coffered or vaulted ceilings or beams and bead-board, treating the ceiling adds another distinctive dimension. These distressed beams bring the ceiling into the room with added warmth and character.

For this dining room, Designer Palmer Weiss  uses this distinctive color and reflective quality of the high-gloss lacquer to give energy to the space.

Wallpaper can be applied to the ceiling for pattern and color. It becomes a strong statement in the room similar to what an area rug would do for the floor.

Painting your ceiling in a pattern adds drama to any space. This tent-like pattern on the ceiling is vivid and unique.

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I Gotta Go There! – Scrap Ridge Lodge

If you have ever wanted the feeling of having the whole hotel to yourself with all the amenities and personal attention of a 5-star hotel, then I have found that destination for you. Tucked away in the Colorado Rockies is this gem of a property that provides all of this and more.

Scrap Ridge Lodge

Scrap Ridge Lodge is an immaculate property nestled in Crested Butte, Colorado complete with seven bedrooms, private bar, salt water pool and spa facilities. The property also features a private outdoor roof deck complete with hot tub. Along with your own private chef and concierge for you and up to twelve guests, there is a team of professional guides that provide a custom itinerary for you to sight see and navigate your way through all the adventures the area has to offer. Whether you want to go skiing, fly fishing or mountain biking while in Crested Butte, this team will be your guide.

Scrap Ridge Lodge

Many years ago when I lived in Aspen, six of us girls started our seven hour hiking adventure at Maroon Bells in Aspen and hiked the trail to the charming, quaint town of Crested Butte. In the 19th century, this property was at one time a mason’s lodge and a brothel. The designer Jett Thompson and architect Peter Weber transformed this unique site into a luxury getaway with all the amenities of any boutique hotel while keeping the interior feeling warm and inviting.

Scrap Ridge Lodge

 Scrap Ridge Lodge

Eleven Experience is a luxury travel brand that offers luxurious amenities and one of a kind experiences in noteworthy locations. Eleven takes unique properties with character and history and transforms them into boutique properties all over the globe. To open in 2013, Chalet Pelerin is located in the French Alps with Italy just a gondola ride away. Each property around the globe has a professional team to guide you thorough the unique adventures that area of the country offers.

Scrap Ridge Lodge

Faux Bois: It’s not wood

The term faux bois (fō bwah) means false wood in French. This is a pattern that is meant to look like wood or to be an artistic imitation of wood or wood grain. It has graced many areas of the home for years and is still popular today.

These floors were painted in faux bois styling. Designer William Diamond painted the floors of this kitchen and used two contrasting colors to enhance the look of the grain.

2013-01-12_165132image via Coastal Living

As seen at the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishing show this January, these pillows from Callisto Home are shown in a charcoal velvet.


As shown in this rug by Martha Stewart, the pattern looks like a typical wood grain pattern or the pattern of bark from a tree.


image via Neiman Marcus – Martha Stewart

From dinnerware to ceramics, the pattern is everywhere. Even your dog’s bowl can be faux bois.

Faux Bois

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