For the Love of…Steel Doors and Windows

As a designer, there are many areas of a home that I sometimes feel are overlooked and under appreciated. The doors and windows have great potential and really add more character and personality than one might think. When the budget allows, consider my all-time favorite…steel doors and windows.

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Steel doors and windows are so classic and timeless, in my opinion. They offer a minimalist feel which is ageless and memorable in all respects. They are ideal for most traditional and contemporary settings. Not every window or door of the home needs to be made of the same material. If done correctly, a steel door or grouping of windows can be added to the exterior. Homeowners tend to think that all the windows in a home have to match one another. Depending on the fenestration, the arrangement of doors and windows, you can have more than one style of window or door.


Exterior Photos of Steel Doors and Windows  


There are some areas of the home that can be more defined. These steel doors and walls can define two areas while still allowing the space to feel open and the flow to be uninterrupted.



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The kitchen is an ideal location in the home to add this style of window. Steel doors can also be used in the bathroom; even used for the shower door. Any room in the house truly has potential for steel door and windows.


Steel Window in Kitchen   Steel Doors in the Bath

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