Top Trends: Open Shelving in the Kitchen

It is more popular than ever…open shelving in the kitchen. Admired by some homeowners and somewhat controversial by others, open shelving is taking over the kitchen. Personally, I feel in the right home and kitchen, it can make the space feel new and fresh.


Example of Open Shelves in Kitchen


For those that want to highlight some of their dinnerware, glassware or collectibles, this is a great avenue.

I do like a combination of your typical upper cabinets and some shelving. Those items that need to be hidden can be, and those items used on a daily basis or decorative can be seen and easily accessed.


Open Sheving In Kitchen - Trending for 2014



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Using a contrasting color or material for the shelves will create a more eclectic look in the space. Utilizing an industrial or traditional style shelf in a contemporary setting, for example, is a concept that works. It adds variety and interest and can bring a more relaxed and casual concept to the kitchen.



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Contrasting Open Shelves in Kitchen




In a small kitchen or pantry, shelves can actually open up the room and make the space appear larger and more spacious.



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This kitchen is so inviting to me.! I love the use of stainless steel shelving next to the range instead of having upper cabinets. The shelves help open up this space that would otherwise feel heavy and weighted with closed cabinetry.


Open Shelving Next to Range



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