For the Love of…Sisal and Seagrass

When designing, I typically feel that a rug can set the tone and define the space in any room. Sometimes it can actually make or break a space. Many times choosing a rug or carpet is a starting point for my designs. But sometimes the room just calls for the simple styling and natural tones and fibers of a seagrass or sisal rug.


For the Love of Sisal and Seagrass

Seagrass and sisal rugs have been popular for more than a decade and have continued to remain an accepted choice for rugs or wall to wall installation. These two natural fibers are sometimes confused for they both have a similar look, but they are very different fibers.

For the Love of Sisal and Seagrass - Interior Walls Designs

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Most people who have seagrass in their home sing its praises, especially on how well it wears. It is extremely durable therefore you may tire of it before it will ever wear out. Since it is grown in water, this product is basically non-absorbent and is a strong, sturdy fiber. It is static-free and typically does not attract dirt and dust. To the touch, it almost feels like it has a wax coating on it.


Sisal and Seagrass - Interior Walls Designs

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Sisal has a rougher texture and with loose, visible hair-like fibers which can sometimes shed. Sisal is made from the agave plant and is more absorbent and can sometimes stain. But sisal has come a long way as far as patterns and colors in the past several years. It continues to be one of my favorite choices for not only its texture but the abundance of patterns and colors that are available.

For the love of Sisal and Seagrass

For the love of sisal and seagrass

For the Love of Seagrass and Sisal

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A wall to wall installation is common with both seagrass and sisal. It is a great background for layering other rugs on top of it as shown here with this hide.


For the love of sisal and seagrass

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When selecting either of these for your home, read the warranties and waivers that come with each product. Some fibers tend to have a grass-like smell which is essentially the nature of the beast. Also note that some products can have somewhat of slick surface and I would therefore use caution when installing this on stairs.

For the love of sisal and seagrass

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Cowhide Rugs: Pattern and Patchwork

Cowhides…either you love them or hate them. You want one, or you will never own one. Plain and simple.

Cowhide rugs are more popular than ever and have made a new design statement when it comes to the various patterns that are now available. The typical cowhide shape is still popular but the new trend is the patterned and patchwork hides. You can purchase a hide in varying styles and patterns including stripes, chevron and patchwork.

Cowhide Rugs - Patchwork Design

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Available in many color combinations, they can even be dyed to a color of your choice. At the recent Atlanta Gift and Home Furnishings Market in Atlanta, there was a wonderful representation shown by Saddlemans.


This serene living area uses this patchwork rug to ground the neutral sofa. Hints of blue also add a sense of restfulness to the space.

Cowhide Rugs Interior Walls Designs

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Designer Kristine Paige Kamenstein brings interest and texture to this foyer by  introducing the neutral geometric cowhide .

Cowhide Rugs Interior Walls Designs

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