Designs for the Ceiling

There are more than four walls to any room. The ceiling has great impact to your space and needs to be considered when finishing any room. Many times it is overlooked but treating the ceiling can add more detail and impact than you think.

These details can be achieved by a talented carpenter or mill-work designer. The depth and dimension that it adds will not disappoint.


Whether it is coffered or vaulted ceilings or beams and bead-board, treating the ceiling adds another distinctive dimension. These distressed beams bring the ceiling into the room with added warmth and character.

For this dining room, Designer Palmer Weiss  uses this distinctive color and reflective quality of the high-gloss lacquer to give energy to the space.

Wallpaper can be applied to the ceiling for pattern and color. It becomes a strong statement in the room similar to what an area rug would do for the floor.

Painting your ceiling in a pattern adds drama to any space. This tent-like pattern on the ceiling is vivid and unique.

all images via pinterest