Wall Treatments – Decorative Moulding & Trim

Wall treatments come in many different forms and fashions. There are many ways to bring a room to life; painting a room is by far the easiest. But taking this one step further, the outcome can totally transform a space.

Most wall treatments can be easily achieved with common 2″ x 4 ” boards and decorative trim pieces that can be purchased at your local hardware store. A skilled carpenter can easily apply these boards in any arrangement or design that best suits the wall. The walls are then painted with a semi-gloss or high gloss paint to complete the look.

image via Sheridan Road Magazine. Darcy Bonner & Associates – Design

Decorative Trim and Moulding

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Ship lap is a term used to describe wooden boards or siding that is rabbeted so that one board overlaps the other. In the living area of this home, designer S.R. Gambrel used this technique for the walls and ceiling and then softened them by applying a glaze.

Decorative Molding and Paneling

image via Southern Living Magazine

The design or pattern that you create can define the space. Art or mirrors can then be arranged on the wall in a symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement. Painting the walls a vibrant, lush color even adds more drama to the wall.

Decorative Molding - Interior Walls Designs

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Ever wonder how to treat a stairwell or large foyer? One might think that loading the walls with art or accessories is the only way to decorate that space. Using decorative moulding in a space can really add the punch that is much needed. Drywall that was once simple and plain now sets the stage for a room that has more dimension and character.

Decorative Moulding and Paneling - Interior Walls Designs

Interior Designer: Victoria Hagan