For the Love of…Marble

Not necessarily a newcomer in the design industry, Carrara marble and other similar marbles are continuing to make a statement in today’s homes. Sought after by interior designers, builders and homeowners for the last decade, many factors need to be considered when choosing this or any surface throughout the home.

For the Love of Marble Interior Walls Designs

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Carrara marble is timeless and classic and works in traditional or contemporary settings. Many homeowners may choose marble for their kitchen countertops or backsplashes. Take into account first that marble is more porous and softer than granite, therefore it needs to be noted that as a countertop, marble will patina over time and will show signs of wear. Even though it is sealed after installation, marble may stain, scratch and chip. Etching may also occur which is when the marble dulls in spots due to chemical reactions. Many people embrace this look and welcome these traits while others may choose a different alternative.

For the love of marble- interior walls designs

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Marble slabs can either be polished or honed. Honed marble has a matte or satin finish. Both finishes have their attributes therefore a homeowner should research both finishes before purchasing. Polished marbles are often used for wall veneers, fireplace surrounds and furniture tops.

Marble tiles can give a wall or a backsplash that added dimension in a room. A slab or section of a slab can also be applied directly to the wall.

For the Love of Marble - Interior Walls Designs

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Calacatta marble, which come in many varieties, should also be considered when selecting a marble. Its background is whiter in nature than Carrara but also more expensive. Though every slab will have its own color and character, the main differences are that Calacatta is a whiter marble with bold, gray veining and Carrara marble typically has a grayer background with softer veining.

Marble is often seen in many applications in today’s bathrooms. It is frequently used as shower walls and floors and is sometimes utilized as moulding, trim and door casing.

For the Love of Marble - Interior Walls Designs

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The crisp, clean look of marble is timeless and works well in these contemporary and transitional applications by Architect William Hefner.

For the love of MarbleFor the love of Marble

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