Confident With Color

In my career as a designer, nothing is discussed more and in greater detail than color. There is more passion and opinion given by my clients in regards to color than any other aspect of the entire home. Even more than money or budget.

People are passionate about the presence or the absence of color and how it will be utilized in their home. They definitely have a need and desire for color but is the hardest aspect for them to express. Asking someone what colors they like is a hard question for most people. I have found it is easier to ask my client what colors they do not like or want in their home. This process of elimination will then help determine a color palette for which they are comfortable.

Are you confident with color? Could you be bold and add large amounts of color to your home?

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 Designer Madley Handler –  Traditional Home

The intensity and the value of the color are always considered in all of my projects. Value is simply how a color reads in terms of being dark or light. Navy is the dark value of blue. Intensity is the brightness of a color such as fire engine red.

Confident in Color

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Pink is the most gender specific of all the colors. This color is often associated with sweets like candy and bubble gum. Femininity is often linked to this color so plan carefully when using pink.

Confident in Color

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For decades, hospital scrubs have been typically green in color for green is the opposite of red on the color wheel therefore the eye adjusts better when in surgery. Blue is also used today for hospital scrubs for it refreshes a surgeon’s vision when seeing large amounts of red.

According to Psychology Today, choosing a favorite color says a lot about a person. People that like green typically are aware of their reputation and what others think of them.

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If your are a fan of the color purple, they say you are a person that is unique and artistic.

Confident With Color

Designer Eileen Kathryn Boyd – Traditional Home


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