Why Not White?

I love nothing more than a white room, or a room done in all shades of white. It is crisp and clean and welcoming to me.

It is often asked if white is the absence or presence of all color. If you are talking about white in terms of pigment, it is the absence of color. If you are referring to white in the aspect of light, then white it is the presence of all colors.

Why Not White - Interior Walls Designs

I have found that I really have a fixation for white in many aspects of my life…and maybe more than I probably should.  I love my eggshell white walls and white tile in the bath. I find it hard to deviate from this color. Maybe because in the 80’s I had eggplant purple walls and a teal sofa and tired of it oh so quickly.

Why Not White? Interior Walls Designs

My sheet and towels have to be white. And yes, I have all white dinnerware. I love white orchards and peonies flowers. My countertops and tile selections are usually white. There is nothing more classic than a white subway tile with white grout.

Why Not White?

Why Not White - Interior Walls Designs

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Interior Walls Designs - Why Not White?

Designer Neal Beckstedt

I love mixing different shades of white in the same room. These shades need to play off one another in order for it to not read flat or boring.

If you have ever gone to the paint store to figure out what color white to paint your trim or walls, you will know that there are a thousand shades of white. It is a hard color to choose and will definitely require buying a quart or two for test swatches.

Why not White

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