Wallpaper – Go Big or Go Home

The power of wallpaper can be dramatic and bold. Its various patterns, color and textures can give any wall character and life. Many times a large pattern or a pattern with color is just what a room needs. But keep in mind, proportion and scale are key elements to the success of any room.


image via Twelve Chairs

When considering¬†wallpaper for your space, it can be added to just one wall or all the walls of a room…or maybe just the ceiling if so desired. Do not underestimate the impact and impression wallpaper has in a room. It can act as artwork for wall all on its own.

Wallpaper and murals have been in the midst of a resurgence in the past several years. Murals have life to them and often tell a story as shown here in this room.


image via Atlanta Homes Magazine

This Seabrook wallpaper was added to my client’s powder room off of the kitchen area for added drama and personality.


Designer Benjamin Dhong uses these mural panels of clouds from Cole and Sons to highlight this niche.

image via House Beautiful