Color in the Kitchen

Whether you are a person that love lots of color, wears a lot of color, or simply embraces the use of color, than consider color in the kitchen as a place to display that love.


Painted Kitchen Cabinets
It is very popular of late to have painted cabinets in the kitchen. Even more popular is to paint the upper cabinets a different color than the lower ones. Also painting a kitchen island another color is very prevalent.  Doing this breaks up the ” one color ” kitchen and gives the room a little more character.


Painted Upper Cabinets different from Lower Cabinets



Colored tile in the backslash is another method of introducing color. It can be removed and replaced, of course, but once again it is a commitment.



Color in the Backsplash - Interior Walls Designs Blog



Color in a Kitchen Backsplash



Blue Backsplash in Kitchen



If you are dedicated to having color in your kitchen, there is nothing more amazing than an oven, range or stove top in a color. The ovens from BlueStar Appliances have 190 colors from which to choose. What a great statement, but pick wisely…you will probably have that appliance for a while!



Colored Appliances - BlueStar

 Appliances by BlueStar Cooking


Adding Colored Appliances - BlueStar Cooking



Cabinetry is a great way to add color. Not so easy to change out if you grow tired of it. Once again it is a definite commitment but its results have great visual impact!


Painted Cabinets - Green - Blog by Interior Walls Designs



Mustard Colored Kitchen Cabinets




If you are like me and have color commitment issues, which I feel most people do, than maybe just a hint of color in a room makes more sense… red kitchen chairs can go a long way!



Kitchen Chairs in Red


Red Kitchen Chairs

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