Technology For the Home – 2014

I love a good, ingenious idea that can make my life easier. There are a few new gadgets on the market lately that may make your home and your life more simple and secure.

Everything is so technology driven today. I remember the days when you left a key under the mat for someone; hopefully no one saw you put it there. But who needs that anymore when you have the Kwikset Kevo. This is a Bluetooth enabled deadbolt which allows you to get into your door lock without a key. If someone needs access to your home, then send an electronic key to them at anytime… and yes, anywhere. No need for extra keys hidden in those fake rocks!. The Kwikset Kevo also lets you know who is inside or outside your house at any given moment. Great price of approximately $ 219.

Gadgets for the Home

Kwikset Kevo

Lighting always play a major role in any home. Would you rather wake up to lights instead of an annoying alarm? Want to set your lights to go on and off at certain times? Then Phillips Hue has solved that issue for you with their Intelligent Lighting Automation System.

Lighting that Turns on and off in home

It is now easy to monitor your front or back door, keep an eye on the kids or pets in the backyard, and see the surrounding areas of your car or home.

Insteon Wireless Outdoor Camera- Interior Walls Designs Blog

INSTEON Outdoor Wireless Security IP Camera 

Did you forget to turn down the thermostat? How about a thermostat that learns your schedule and programs itself to meet your needs. Well, wait no longer because the Nest Thermostat will do all of this for you from just the touch of your phone. What a great invention for approximately $ 249.

Nest Thermonstat- Great Gadgets for the Home

Outlets in your home that can handle a USB cord are perfect for any room. You can also purchase outlets at your local hardware store that are recessed into the wall. This allows the furniture to be pushed completely against the wall without the bulky cord getting in the way.






And who doesn’t want a keyboard, literally at their fingertips, at a moment’s notice? No pun intended! I can think of dozens and dozens of occasions when this would have come in handy. These laser projection keyboards are available at most office supply stores. Totally ingenious!


Technology for the Home - 2014 - Blog by Interior Walls Designs

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