Chevron and Herringbone Patterns

As with any design, the attention to details is so crucial and vital. The thought and execution of these details can take a space from ordinary to amazing.

Chevron and herringbone patterns have been used frequently in design for the last decade. A chevron pattern is a line or stripe in a V or inverted V-shape. These patterns are available in wallpaper, rugs, dinnerware, and fabrics.


Chevron and Herringbone Pattern


Chevron & Herringbone Pattern


To add that extra detail to your space, consider the use of chevron or herringbone pattern by creating the pattern using tile, wood or brick. This living and dining area is one of my favorite rooms. It is so simple and clean in its design with great attention paid to the details like the herringbone patterned floor.


Interior Walls Designs - Chevron vs. Herringbone Pattern

Chevron & Herringbone Pattern


The chevron wall in the above living area adds so much character and interest to an otherwise plain wall.

There are differences between a chevron and a herringbone pattern. These two patterns are sometimes not referenced correctly.

Chevron patterns are those in which pieces of material are cut into rectangles all the same length. The ends are then cut to a desired angle and laid in a “V” pattern. Chevron edges are mitered.



Chevron & Herringbone - Interior Walls DesignsChevron Floor - Interior Walls Designs



A herringbone pattern edges are not mitered. Here again the pieces used are rectangular and are cut to the same length. They are then laid into the “V” pattern where the pattern overlaps. The pieces are laid at a right angle to the each other to create the pattern.



Herringbone Pattern - Interior Walls Designs


Interior Walls Designs - Herringbone Pattern

Carpet tiles are very popular in both hospitaltiy and residential spaces in that a tile can be removed and replaced if needed. These carpet tiles by Interface show how a herringbone pattern.

Herringbone Pattern

Outdoor spaces need the attention to details too. Patterned terraces or walkways are a great way to add needed interest to any space.

Chevron & Herringbone Pattern - Interior Walls Designs

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