More than a Bookshelf

For most people, decorating a blank wall in your home can be daunting. Does it require a piece of furniture? If so, what then…wallpaper? Or maybe art or possibly a mirror? All of these are welcomed solutions to any space. But think outside the box and consider a built-in bookshelf. It then becomes more than a bookshelf for it is now part of the architecture of the room.


image via Architectural Digest

Millions of books are sold each year. Many books are traded, others borrowed and then there are those borrowed that are never returned. Displaying these books in your home can add that much needed warmth.


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Built-in bookshelves are typically seen in many homes especially around the fireplace. But what about changing it up and placing one around a doorway? Or in a stairwell? Or making a reading nook just for reading?



Some spaces in a home can be divided visually and literally by using a rug, or a piece of furniture. A floor-to ceiling bookcase allows this space to be divided along with adding interest and becoming an architectural feature of the room.

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