Color in the Kitchen

Whether you are a person that love lots of color, wears a lot of color, or simply embraces the use of color, than consider color in the kitchen as a place to display that love.


Painted Kitchen Cabinets
It is very popular of late to have painted cabinets in the kitchen. Even more popular is to paint the upper cabinets a different color than the lower ones. Also painting a kitchen island another color is very prevalent.  Doing this breaks up the ” one color ” kitchen and gives the room a little more character.


Painted Upper Cabinets different from Lower Cabinets



Colored tile in the backslash is another method of introducing color. It can be removed and replaced, of course, but once again it is a commitment.



Color in the Backsplash - Interior Walls Designs Blog



Color in a Kitchen Backsplash



Blue Backsplash in Kitchen



If you are dedicated to having color in your kitchen, there is nothing more amazing than an oven, range or stove top in a color. The ovens from BlueStar Appliances have 190 colors from which to choose. What a great statement, but pick wisely…you will probably have that appliance for a while!



Colored Appliances - BlueStar

 Appliances by BlueStar Cooking


Adding Colored Appliances - BlueStar Cooking



Cabinetry is a great way to add color. Not so easy to change out if you grow tired of it. Once again it is a definite commitment but its results have great visual impact!


Painted Cabinets - Green - Blog by Interior Walls Designs



Mustard Colored Kitchen Cabinets




If you are like me and have color commitment issues, which I feel most people do, than maybe just a hint of color in a room makes more sense… red kitchen chairs can go a long way!



Kitchen Chairs in Red


Red Kitchen Chairs

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2014 Pantone Color of the Year – Radiant Orchid

If you want to know what’s hot and what the color trends are for 2014, then look at the Color of the Year presented each December by Pantone. Pantone is a coloring matching system that has been around since the 60’s. Pantone’s start began in the printing and graphics design world. Still prominent in this sector today, it is also known world-wide in other industries such as home, fashion, plastics, textiles and digital technology.


What is the Pantone Color of the Year


The 2014 Pantone Color of the Year is Radiant Orchid.. This color has the undertones of fuchsia, purple and pink as you see in the flower.


Interior Walls Design - Blog - Pantone Color 2014

Pantone Color Radiant Orchid 2014   Color of the Year 2014 - Interior Walls Design Blog


Expect to see this color in numerous categories including apparel, art, home and fashion accessories.


Pantone 2014 Color - Max Mara

image by Max Mara

Marc Jacobs Handbag -  Pantone Color of the Year  2014

 handbag by Marc by Marc Jacobs

Agate Coasters- Pantone Color of the Year 2014


This color can be used in limited amounts and still have an impact. Most people have a definite take on this color…ranging from the typical ” love it ” or ” loath it ” spectrum. It is a powerful color in its own right, but when used wisely, it can be brilliant!


Pantone 2014 - Interior Walls Design Blog



Radiant Orchid - Color of the Year 2014


Interior Walls Design BLog - Color of the Year 2014


This over-dyed rug is stunning in this color. Over-dyeing is a technique traditionally used on vintage hand-woven rugs.  It is a process of bleaching, dyeing and washing the rugs. The end result is a unique color…sometimes a more saturated version of the color. The dyeing process allows the pattern of the rug to still show through.


Over-dyed Rug

interiors by Jonathan Adler 


This color pairs well with muted tones. Many times shades of grey or another muted tone can relieve the intensity of this color. The muted purple and blue shades are nice compliments in this dining area.



Radiant Orchid - Dining Room - Blog by Interior Walls Designs

 image by Elle Decor

Pantone 2014 Color - Radiant Orchid - Interior Walls Designs BLog

In 2010 the Pantone Hotel in Brussels, Belgium opened and designed the interior and exterior elements around its wide range of Pantone colors.  As seen in lobby, it is whimsical and dynamic in color.

Pantone Hotel in Brussels

Boutique Hotel - Pantone Hotel Brussels

Pantone Hotel

other images via pinterest

Black Painted Walls – Do you dare?

So you think you want to add some drama in your home. How do you go about it? There are many ways but adding some color is probably the number one way to give any room some life.

Most people are scared of color or I should say, they don’t understand color. It is by far the most talked about item I discuss with all my clients.


Black Accent Wall in Hallway - Interior Walls Design Blog


Black Bedroom Walls
There are many questions to think about when painting any room…how much light does the room get? How much reflective quality will the walls have when completed? Will the color enhance the space or detract from the space?


Black Lacquer Walls

image via Architectural Digest

Black Walls in Office

People always ask, ” Does the paint go up light or darker than the paint chip”? The paint chip should be the color of the wall…they should match each other, otherwise they mixed the paint color wrong. The question is, does the paint APPEAR darker or lighter once it is up? The answer, in my opinion, is that typically the room will appear darker because there is so much more of it now … meaning you are no longer looking at a tiny paint swatch, you are looking at an entire room of this color.

The color that your friend used in their house may not appear the same in your home. Why?…different lighting, natural and artificial, and different surroundings and furnishings.  Buy a quart and test it on every wall for it can look totally different on one wall or surface than the next.

And I will repeat myself…buy a quart and TEST IT.

The easy way to do this is to buy a piece of white poster board and paint two coats on the poster board. Then walk around your space and see how it looks on each wall and from room to room.


One Accent Wall Painted Black


Bedroom Walls Painted Black

Black walls can look great with a lighter color scheme. Even lighter woods and accessories can bring these dark walls to life.

Consider maybe painting one wall in a room. Who would think a baby’s room needs any black, but I actually like it in this application.


Nursery Wall Painted Black



Even the smallest of rooms can have drama on the wall if you mix the right pieces with it. These white wall shelves are the perfect complement to this small nook.


Walls Painted Black



Black Accent Walls - Interior Walls Designs Blog



Black Dining Room Walls - Interior Walls Designs Blog



The black subway tile in this kitchen is a perfect complement to the off-white painted cabinetry, ceiling and mouldings. The contrast of these two colors is so striking and works well in this space… I love this kitchen!



Black Subway Tile - Interio Walls Designs Blog
It appears that this accent wall may have had a texture applied. Or a painting technique call Venetian Plaster may have been used. Either way, this is a good use of black!


Black Painted Wall - Interior Walls Designs - blog

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Dining Areas with Eclectic Style

Styling the home with an eclectic or wide range of sources is a unique and interesting method of designing a space. Consider this in your dining or eating area to add some variety to what can be an ordinary scenario.


Dining Room - Hostess Chairs

Dining table with different chairs


It is very simple and easy to buy the matching table and chairs, and some people prefer this look. It is a personal preference but I think it can be more design driven and exciting to not purchase a matched set. One way of doing this is to make the host and hostess chairs different from the other chairs in the room.


Different Dining Table Arrangements


Another method is to utilize a bench or set of benches on one side of the table. Even chairs that do not match at all can be very appealing in certain rooms. A dining space can be more interesting and welcoming if you consider options other than the traditional set of chairs and a table.


Dining Set with Benches

image via Vogue Living Magazine

Dining table with Bench

Eclectic Dining

A built-in bench can provide seating for the table as well as a sofa on one side of the table. If using a piece that has a cushion, keep in mind the seat height needs to be compatible with the dining height so you are not seated too low at the table.


Booth Dining Area


Sofa for seating at  Dining Table

Built-in bench at Dining Area

Dining Table with Sofa for Seating

Booth Seating

Bench seating at Dining Table

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Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

If you have the opportunity to bring the outdoors into your home, do so. Also, an outdoor space can feel just like any space in your home. Think comfort when designing the space. It can be so rewarding and be the space that offers some much-needed tranquility.



Outdoor Living Area

Outdoor Swing



outdoor space


Take the outdoor space and treat it just like any room in your home. Patterns on the walls and ceiling can add drama and color. Even the selection of flooring can transform your space.

Outdoor Space with striped walls and ceiling

Great tile in outdoor space

Make the space inviting with plants, flowers and greenery. Even the simplest designs can be spectacular with just an added pop of color.

Outdoor patio with painted door

Terrace area with color


A fireplace in the outdoor areas says it all…comfort, warmth and relaxation. Who doesn’t love an outdoor fireplace?


Outdoor Fireplace - Interior Walls Designs


Outddor Fireplace

image via Metropolitan Home

Outdoor kitchens and grill areas can be functional yet visually pleasing to the eye. Sliding barn doors or garage doors can cover the appliances when needed.

Outdoor Kitchen with Sliding Barn Doors

Outdoor Kitchen

Kitchen and Seating Area in Outdoor Space

If the space allows, you may want to consider an area that allows family or guests to watch television.

Outdoor Television

Television in covered patio

Covered Porch with Television

image via House Beautiful

Comfort is key whether indoors or outdoors. Whether it is a dining space or seating area, keep the creature comforts in mind.


Outdoor Chaise


Outdoor Dining

Awesome Chairs in Outdoor Space


Thinking about the architecture of a space is key to a perfect outdoor area. The ceiling treatment here reflects the shape of the water feature in this space.

Great Outdoor Space

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