For the Love of…Red!

While the perception of color is definitely subjective, the use of color and how and where you choose to utilize it, will indeed impact your home.

For the Love of Red - Interior Walls Designs Blog


Red… I love red! I wish I had more red in my life. I am out with the black and in with the red….it is a color that evokes emotion and I love it! It represents energy and passion. It is bold and daring with says power and screams assertiveness


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In a home, it is probably not the most widely used color. For some people too much red can induce aggression and anger… so a word of caution, use it wisely. Small amounts of this color can go a long way. But large amounts…wow!


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Since I have been on the hunt to find a way to add some red into my home or my life, it occurred to me that red it is used frequently in the fast food industry. Wondering why? Well, red stimulates the appetite and increases cravings for food.

Of course in the financial arena, being in the “red” is not the direction you want to be. And the old saying ” not worth a red cent” means it has no value.

But for the Chinese, red is associated with good fortune and luck. In Feng Shui, the ancient art of arranging your environment so that good energy flows through your home or business, it is recommended to paint your front door red for it invites prosperity to the residents.


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For the Love of Red


Interior Walls Designs blog - For the Love of Red


Red Interior Door - Interior Walls Designs
So consider a small amount of red if so desired. A red throw, a vase of flowers, or even one pillow can give your room another layer of color.


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And if you have some cash put aside and want to add some red into your wardrobe, consider the ever-so-famous red bottom high-heeled shoes by Christian  Louboutin. Selling 700,000 pairs a year, he has made red his trademark color. Writer Danielle Steel is reputed to own 6000 pairs! That’s some serious moolah!


Christian Louboutin - Red Bottom Shoes


For me, maybe I will just paint the town red. Or buy an awesome red dress! Or sit and lounge around and contemplate the color red…



Interior Walls Designs - For the Love of Red

And if nothing else, I am going to have that slice of red velvet cake….YOLO! ( you only live once) !

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