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Many of us are in need of our home office to be stylish and inviting yet practical.I feel it can easily be achieved. First and foremost, you need to get organized and then that space or room can become one of your favorite areas of the home.


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Gone are the days of oversized desks that are heavy and bulky and take up the whole room! Consider a writing desk for your space. You can access your current daily paperwork and files by utilizing a credenza or built-in cabinetry that is in close proximity.

A rolling file cabinet can be a great space saver. It can occupy the space under your desk for easy access, or it can be rolled into a closet and accessed when needed.


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Home Office with Rolling File Cabinet



All paperwork, pictures, documents and such should find a place in either a box, drawer, file, or notebook. Have your paperwork and information that is currently relevant and used weekly in a different home from those items rarely accessed. Put daily used items within arms reach. Paperwork and documents that you have not touched in months need to be stored and out of sight.

Not sure you have a messy work area? Take a few photos of your desk in its current state. Take a few pictures at different angles and view them…you may be surprised when you have a different perspective. Home offices with style start with a good, organized work surface and storage system.


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Adding decorative elements to any space gives the room its personality. Consider using your favorite photos, live plants, and decorative items in your space. Add a decorative mirror or your favorite artwork to make your space feel less like an office and more like any room in your home.

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Labeling or color coding is an easy solution for your filing and storage system. For instance, if you need to account for things by years, then everything in “blue” denotes that particular year. Everything in “green” denotes the following year!

Organized Home Office Space

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If space is a factor, consider turning a closet into your home office. Easily achieved and quite stunning, these offices can be charming.  Another table in the room can double as an additional work surface.



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Home Office for Limited Space

Some of the easiest and most efficient home offices include inexpensive walls shelves and brackets mounted on the wall to hold boxes, books, printers and other items.

Home Office with Wall Shelves

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You can find ways to hide the printers and other bulky items. These drawers are great space savers and put items out of your sight when not used.

Hidden Printer - Home Office

Hidden Printer Idea

No matter what your home office needs happen to be, there is a design and storage solution for you.

This clever solution to a stylish home office includes adding a drapery on a ceiling mounted rod to hide the clutter at any given moment! 

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