Dining Areas with Eclectic Style

Styling the home with an eclectic or wide range of sources is a unique and interesting method of designing a space. Consider this in your dining or eating area to add some variety to what can be an ordinary scenario.


Dining Room - Hostess Chairs

Dining table with different chairs


It is very simple and easy to buy the matching table and chairs, and some people prefer this look. It is a personal preference but I think it can be more design driven and exciting to not purchase a matched set. One way of doing this is to make the host and hostess chairs different from the other chairs in the room.


Different Dining Table Arrangements


Another method is to utilize a bench or set of benches on one side of the table. Even chairs that do not match at all can be very appealing in certain rooms. A dining space can be more interesting and welcoming if you consider options other than the traditional set of chairs and a table.


Dining Set with Benches

image via Vogue Living Magazine

Dining table with Bench

Eclectic Dining

A built-in bench can provide seating for the table as well as a sofa on one side of the table. If using a piece that has a cushion, keep in mind the seat height needs to be compatible with the dining height so you are not seated too low at the table.


Booth Dining Area


Sofa for seating at  Dining Table

Built-in bench at Dining Area

Dining Table with Sofa for Seating

Booth Seating

Bench seating at Dining Table

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