Black Painted Walls – Do you dare?

So you think you want to add some drama in your home. How do you go about it? There are many ways but adding some color is probably the number one way to give any room some life.

Most people are scared of color or I should say, they don’t understand color. It is by far the most talked about item I discuss with all my clients.


Black Accent Wall in Hallway - Interior Walls Design Blog


Black Bedroom Walls
There are many questions to think about when painting any room…how much light does the room get? How much reflective quality will the walls have when completed? Will the color enhance the space or detract from the space?


Black Lacquer Walls

image via Architectural Digest

Black Walls in Office

People always ask, ” Does the paint go up light or darker than the paint chip”? The paint chip should be the color of the wall…they should match each other, otherwise they mixed the paint color wrong. The question is, does the paint APPEAR darker or lighter once it is up? The answer, in my opinion, is that typically the room will appear darker because there is so much more of it now … meaning you are no longer looking at a tiny paint swatch, you are looking at an entire room of this color.

The color that your friend used in their house may not appear the same in your home. Why?…different lighting, natural and artificial, and different surroundings and furnishings.  Buy a quart and test it on every wall for it can look totally different on one wall or surface than the next.

And I will repeat myself…buy a quart and TEST IT.

The easy way to do this is to buy a piece of white poster board and paint two coats on the poster board. Then walk around your space and see how it looks on each wall and from room to room.


One Accent Wall Painted Black


Bedroom Walls Painted Black

Black walls can look great with a lighter color scheme. Even lighter woods and accessories can bring these dark walls to life.

Consider maybe painting one wall in a room. Who would think a baby’s room needs any black, but I actually like it in this application.


Nursery Wall Painted Black



Even the smallest of rooms can have drama on the wall if you mix the right pieces with it. These white wall shelves are the perfect complement to this small nook.


Walls Painted Black



Black Accent Walls - Interior Walls Designs Blog



Black Dining Room Walls - Interior Walls Designs Blog



The black subway tile in this kitchen is a perfect complement to the off-white painted cabinetry, ceiling and mouldings. The contrast of these two colors is so striking and works well in this space… I love this kitchen!



Black Subway Tile - Interio Walls Designs Blog
It appears that this accent wall may have had a texture applied. Or a painting technique call Venetian Plaster may have been used. Either way, this is a good use of black!


Black Painted Wall - Interior Walls Designs - blog

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Mirrored Walls – Time to Reflect

Take any space and add a reflective surface and it will instantly enlarge that area and add some much needed dimension. Mirrored areas can reflect or redirect light.  When using mirrors in a space, you can essentially echo another part of the room to visually trick the eye to make a space feel larger.


images via House Beautiful

Mirrored walls or a large freestanding mirror in the room can open up an area instantly. This foyer has a freestanding mirror behind the console table which gives added dimension to the space. Note the floor to ceiling application emphasizes the high ceiling.

Time to Reflect  - Interior Walls Designs

Time to Relect - Interior Walls Designs

Interior Walls Designs - Time to Reflect

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Consider adding artwork to the mirrored wall just as you would on any wall in a room. By mirroring the side walls along with the main wall of this alcove, it then creates more reflective surfaces while adding interest to the space.

Time to Reflect - Interior Walls Designs
The mirror you see in a typical bathroom or in a framed mirror is usually a back-silvered mirror. The reflective surface applied to the back is typically aluminium or non-toxic silver that is seen through a thin layer of glass.

Time to Refelct - Mirrors

Antique mirrors have an aged or distressed quality to them. This is achieved by distressing or removing portions of the backing of the mirror.

Mirrored tiles, especially antiqued ones, can be added to an existing wall or to a back-splash area. Many applications include rosettes where the corners of the mirror meet.

Interior Walls Designs - Mirrors

source unknown

This application at the stairwell is a great addition to this space. The glass wall reflects the same design elements as the mirrored section on the wall and becomes a great architectural feature in the space.

Time to Reflect - Interior Walls Designs

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Design Around the Television

Televisions had come a long way in the past ten years and continue to surprise me with all the technology and gadgets they have to offer. Back in my day, there was no such thing as remote much less high-definition anything. It was called a television “set” and it sat on a table…yes, just a regular table.

Today it is all about the flat screen television. In order to enhance the look of the television or enhance the wall that it is mounted on, here are a few solutions to design around the television.

Arranging art on the wall around the television is a great way to disguise it, so to speak. It can simply blend into the wall and appear to be part of the art arrangement or gallery.

Design around the Television - Interior Walls Designs

image via pinterest

Placing the television above the fireplace is still quite common in many living spaces. Hammersmith of Atlanta finished the area with millwork to enhance the fireplace and its surroundings.

Design around the Television - Interior Walls Designs

Other solutions include using sliding doors on a metal tracks to conceal the television when not in use.

Design around the Television - Interior Walls Designs

image via HGTV Green Home 2011

image via pinterest- favorite places & spaces

Instead of just mounting the television on the wall, another approach is to frame the television like your would frame a mirror or picture. This will integrate the television into the wall and be a more finished, stylish look.

Design around the television

image via The Art of TV – 2012 San Francisco Decorator Showcase – Designer Amy Weaver

Doors can also be hinged so that they open to the side for television viewing. Any type of art or graphic can be applied to the doors.

Design around the Television - Interior Walls Designs

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Wall Treatments – Decorative Moulding & Trim

Wall treatments come in many different forms and fashions. There are many ways to bring a room to life; painting a room is by far the easiest. But taking this one step further, the outcome can totally transform a space.

Most wall treatments can be easily achieved with common 2″ x 4 ” boards and decorative trim pieces that can be purchased at your local hardware store. A skilled carpenter can easily apply these boards in any arrangement or design that best suits the wall. The walls are then painted with a semi-gloss or high gloss paint to complete the look.

image via Sheridan Road Magazine. Darcy Bonner & Associates – Design

Decorative Trim and Moulding

source – unknown

Ship lap is a term used to describe wooden boards or siding that is rabbeted so that one board overlaps the other. In the living area of this home, designer S.R. Gambrel used this technique for the walls and ceiling and then softened them by applying a glaze.

Decorative Molding and Paneling

image via Southern Living Magazine

The design or pattern that you create can define the space. Art or mirrors can then be arranged on the wall in a symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement. Painting the walls a vibrant, lush color even adds more drama to the wall.

Decorative Molding - Interior Walls Designs

source: unknown

Ever wonder how to treat a stairwell or large foyer? One might think that loading the walls with art or accessories is the only way to decorate that space. Using decorative moulding in a space can really add the punch that is much needed. Drywall that was once simple and plain now sets the stage for a room that has more dimension and character.

Decorative Moulding and Paneling - Interior Walls Designs

Interior Designer: Victoria Hagan