For the Love Of…Subway Tile

There is no doubt you will see the use of subway tile if you glance through any design or shelter magazine today or in the past. Subway tiles date back to the early 1900’s where it was used on the walls in the subway system in New York. Today you see these gleaming, white tiles covering the walls of kitchens and bathrooms in homes, restaurants and commercial buildings in the USA and Europe.

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Clean and classic in style and color, and definitely ubiquitous, I like that subway tile gives a nod to history yet still feeling current in today’s world.

Whether you use white or dark-colored grout, that is a personal preference. For me, I usually gravitate towards the white tile and white grout combination for it makes for a clean, less “busy” look. Many chefs and restaurants will recommended the use of gray or dark grout in their kitchens for it covers up the stains left from oil and grease when cooking.

Subway tile in restaurant

Though the typical subway tile is usually 3″ x 6″ and thought to be white, today’s subway tile is offered in a multitude of sizes. You will also find tiles with a beveled edge.

These tiles come in a variety of colors such as the black tile used in these kitchens. What a nice contrast the black tile makes with the white cabinets.

Black Subway Tile

Black Subway tile

Subway tiles are typically made of ceramic. But in the past several years, there are new materials available such as glass and marble. Currently there is an array of sizes available to choose from along with a myriad of colors and materials.

Glass Subway Tiles in Kitchen

Glass Subway Tiles in Bath

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For the Love of…Steel Doors and Windows

As a designer, there are many areas of a home that I sometimes feel are overlooked and under appreciated. The doors and windows have great potential and really add more character and personality than one might think. When the budget allows, consider my all-time favorite…steel doors and windows.

Steel Doors and Windows   Steel Windows in Kitchen   Wall of Steel Doors and Windows     Exterior Steel Doors


Steel doors and windows are so classic and timeless, in my opinion. They offer a minimalist feel which is ageless and memorable in all respects. They are ideal for most traditional and contemporary settings. Not every window or door of the home needs to be made of the same material. If done correctly, a steel door or grouping of windows can be added to the exterior. Homeowners tend to think that all the windows in a home have to match one another. Depending on the fenestration, the arrangement of doors and windows, you can have more than one style of window or door.


Exterior Photos of Steel Doors and Windows  


There are some areas of the home that can be more defined. These steel doors and walls can define two areas while still allowing the space to feel open and the flow to be uninterrupted.



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The kitchen is an ideal location in the home to add this style of window. Steel doors can also be used in the bathroom; even used for the shower door. Any room in the house truly has potential for steel door and windows.


Steel Window in Kitchen   Steel Doors in the Bath

House Beautiful

Steel Wall in Kitchen - Interior Walls Designs

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For the Love of…Red!

While the perception of color is definitely subjective, the use of color and how and where you choose to utilize it, will indeed impact your home.

For the Love of Red - Interior Walls Designs Blog


Red… I love red! I wish I had more red in my life. I am out with the black and in with the red….it is a color that evokes emotion and I love it! It represents energy and passion. It is bold and daring with says power and screams assertiveness


Red Lamps  - For the Love of Red - Blog by Interior Walls Designs


Red Leather Dining Chairs - Interior Walls Designs Blog


In a home, it is probably not the most widely used color. For some people too much red can induce aggression and anger… so a word of caution, use it wisely. Small amounts of this color can go a long way. But large amounts…wow!


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Red bathroom walls - Interior Walls Designs



Since I have been on the hunt to find a way to add some red into my home or my life, it occurred to me that red it is used frequently in the fast food industry. Wondering why? Well, red stimulates the appetite and increases cravings for food.

Of course in the financial arena, being in the “red” is not the direction you want to be. And the old saying ” not worth a red cent” means it has no value.

But for the Chinese, red is associated with good fortune and luck. In Feng Shui, the ancient art of arranging your environment so that good energy flows through your home or business, it is recommended to paint your front door red for it invites prosperity to the residents.


Interior Walls Designs - Red Door


For the Love of Red


Interior Walls Designs blog - For the Love of Red


Red Interior Door - Interior Walls Designs
So consider a small amount of red if so desired. A red throw, a vase of flowers, or even one pillow can give your room another layer of color.


Red Accents - Interior Walls Designs

image by  elle decor


Red Accents in Living Room - Interior Walls Designs


And if you have some cash put aside and want to add some red into your wardrobe, consider the ever-so-famous red bottom high-heeled shoes by Christian  Louboutin. Selling 700,000 pairs a year, he has made red his trademark color. Writer Danielle Steel is reputed to own 6000 pairs! That’s some serious moolah!


Christian Louboutin - Red Bottom Shoes


For me, maybe I will just paint the town red. Or buy an awesome red dress! Or sit and lounge around and contemplate the color red…



Interior Walls Designs - For the Love of Red

And if nothing else, I am going to have that slice of red velvet cake….YOLO! ( you only live once) !

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For the Love of…Sisal and Seagrass

When designing, I typically feel that a rug can set the tone and define the space in any room. Sometimes it can actually make or break a space. Many times choosing a rug or carpet is a starting point for my designs. But sometimes the room just calls for the simple styling and natural tones and fibers of a seagrass or sisal rug.


For the Love of Sisal and Seagrass

Seagrass and sisal rugs have been popular for more than a decade and have continued to remain an accepted choice for rugs or wall to wall installation. These two natural fibers are sometimes confused for they both have a similar look, but they are very different fibers.

For the Love of Sisal and Seagrass - Interior Walls Designs

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Most people who have seagrass in their home sing its praises, especially on how well it wears. It is extremely durable therefore you may tire of it before it will ever wear out. Since it is grown in water, this product is basically non-absorbent and is a strong, sturdy fiber. It is static-free and typically does not attract dirt and dust. To the touch, it almost feels like it has a wax coating on it.


Sisal and Seagrass - Interior Walls Designs

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Sisal has a rougher texture and with loose, visible hair-like fibers which can sometimes shed. Sisal is made from the agave plant and is more absorbent and can sometimes stain. But sisal has come a long way as far as patterns and colors in the past several years. It continues to be one of my favorite choices for not only its texture but the abundance of patterns and colors that are available.

For the love of Sisal and Seagrass

For the love of sisal and seagrass

For the Love of Seagrass and Sisal

 images via Merida

A wall to wall installation is common with both seagrass and sisal. It is a great background for layering other rugs on top of it as shown here with this hide.


For the love of sisal and seagrass

image via elle decor

When selecting either of these for your home, read the warranties and waivers that come with each product. Some fibers tend to have a grass-like smell which is essentially the nature of the beast. Also note that some products can have somewhat of slick surface and I would therefore use caution when installing this on stairs.

For the love of sisal and seagrass

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For the Love of…Marble

Not necessarily a newcomer in the design industry, Carrara marble and other similar marbles are continuing to make a statement in today’s homes. Sought after by interior designers, builders and homeowners for the last decade, many factors need to be considered when choosing this or any surface throughout the home.

For the Love of Marble Interior Walls Designs

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Carrara marble is timeless and classic and works in traditional or contemporary settings. Many homeowners may choose marble for their kitchen countertops or backsplashes. Take into account first that marble is more porous and softer than granite, therefore it needs to be noted that as a countertop, marble will patina over time and will show signs of wear. Even though it is sealed after installation, marble may stain, scratch and chip. Etching may also occur which is when the marble dulls in spots due to chemical reactions. Many people embrace this look and welcome these traits while others may choose a different alternative.

For the love of marble- interior walls designs

image via Design Galleria

Marble slabs can either be polished or honed. Honed marble has a matte or satin finish. Both finishes have their attributes therefore a homeowner should research both finishes before purchasing. Polished marbles are often used for wall veneers, fireplace surrounds and furniture tops.

Marble tiles can give a wall or a backsplash that added dimension in a room. A slab or section of a slab can also be applied directly to the wall.

For the Love of Marble - Interior Walls Designs

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Calacatta marble, which come in many varieties, should also be considered when selecting a marble. Its background is whiter in nature than Carrara but also more expensive. Though every slab will have its own color and character, the main differences are that Calacatta is a whiter marble with bold, gray veining and Carrara marble typically has a grayer background with softer veining.

Marble is often seen in many applications in today’s bathrooms. It is frequently used as shower walls and floors and is sometimes utilized as moulding, trim and door casing.

For the Love of Marble - Interior Walls Designs

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The crisp, clean look of marble is timeless and works well in these contemporary and transitional applications by Architect William Hefner.

For the love of MarbleFor the love of Marble

images via Architect William Hefner