Symmetry & Asymmetry in Design

It is interesting to see the manner in which a client interprets or understands the elements of balance. When it comes to interior design, I have found that most people either embrace asymmetry wholeheartedly or they prefer the symmetrical route.

Many people understand and relate better to an equal balance of items, such as two matching chairs that flank either side of a fireplace. They prefer, for instance, two matching lamps on two matching tables.  This may be related to the theory that we are either left brained or right brained. Each side of the brain is responsible for different modes of thinking.


Interior Walls Designs - Symmetry

image via Veranda magazine


When it comes to design, does symmetry in your home make you more comfortable? Symmetry achieves balance through repetition of items.

Interior Walls Designs - Symmetry


The left brained individual tends to be analytical and detailed-oriented. While easily comprehending math and science problems, they also tend to look at the parts, not the big picture, of  matters. They are the rule followers, with an emphasis on the specifics and facts in all situations. They tend to understand the concept of symmetry and prefer it in their design. Are they possibly the engineers, accountants, computer programmers or lawyers of the world?

Symmetry  Interior Walls Designs

Designer Phillip Sides via Coastal Living– photo: Tria Giovan, Stylist: Heather Chadduck


Studies say that many right brained individuals are more creative and emotional and tend to take risks. These individuals are many times left-handed. Are these the artists, fashion designers, chefs or graphic designers of the community?

Interior Walls Designs - Asymmetry

Designer Betsy Brown


Interior Walls Design - Asymmetry

 image via pinterest


You may be right brained if you welcome asymmetry into your home. Scale and proportion is utilized in order to give the proper sense of balance. Asymmetry contains different elements that provide equal visual weight.

Interior Walls Designs- Asymmetry

image via pinterest