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Tile & Marble Designs

I could actually spend hours and hours in a tile showroom looking at the various and numerous selections of tile and marble. To me, tile is like a piece of art. There are thousands and thousands of selections alone. Then you factor in the combination of two or more tiles together, the design and direction of how the tile is placed, the grout color, etc. and you now have endless possibilities.


Great tiled Wall in Bathroom

Bathroom Tile Design

 New Ravenna Mosaics

Tile and marble can be used for flooring, walls, and backslashes and can be the” art” for most any space or room. A good tile design can tell a story; it can add dimension and color, or it can be textural. It can be simple yet exquisite.

Black and white is a classic color combination. This marble tile had been cut into chevron pieces and designed perfectly for this hallway.

Black and White Tile Design- Interior Walls Design Blog


This cream, black and white marble floor in this foyer is very simple yet elegant. It is classic and will stand the test of time.







You will generally see kitchen designs with backsplashes made of tile yet sometimes marble or granite slabs are used. Currently the marketplace offers so many unique and interesting tiles for the kitchen and bath, that is simply hard to choose.


Kitchen Backsplash - All white


Tiling just the back wall in a bathroom can add lots of color and interest to a somewhat bland space.


Tiling the Back Wall in a Bathroom


Tile on One Wall


Mosaic Tile

New Ravenna Mosaics


You can also combine different types of tile or marble or even different colors and shapes. This bath combined honey-combed shaped wall and floor tiles with marble slabs for the shower.


Marble for the bathroom


Glass Tile in Bath


Love this black and white penny tile they used in the vestibule of this residence. What a clever idea…


Tile in Foyer