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Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

If you have the opportunity to bring the outdoors into your home, do so. Also, an outdoor space can feel just like any space in your home. Think comfort when designing the space. It can be so rewarding and be the space that offers some much-needed tranquility.



Outdoor Living Area

Outdoor Swing



outdoor space


Take the outdoor space and treat it just like any room in your home. Patterns on the walls and ceiling can add drama and color. Even the selection of flooring can transform your space.

Outdoor Space with striped walls and ceiling

Great tile in outdoor space

Make the space inviting with plants, flowers and greenery. Even the simplest designs can be spectacular with just an added pop of color.

Outdoor patio with painted door

Terrace area with color


A fireplace in the outdoor areas says it all…comfort, warmth and relaxation. Who doesn’t love an outdoor fireplace?


Outdoor Fireplace - Interior Walls Designs


Outddor Fireplace

image via Metropolitan Home

Outdoor kitchens and grill areas can be functional yet visually pleasing to the eye. Sliding barn doors or garage doors can cover the appliances when needed.

Outdoor Kitchen with Sliding Barn Doors

Outdoor Kitchen

Kitchen and Seating Area in Outdoor Space

If the space allows, you may want to consider an area that allows family or guests to watch television.

Outdoor Television

Television in covered patio

Covered Porch with Television

image via House Beautiful

Comfort is key whether indoors or outdoors. Whether it is a dining space or seating area, keep the creature comforts in mind.


Outdoor Chaise


Outdoor Dining

Awesome Chairs in Outdoor Space


Thinking about the architecture of a space is key to a perfect outdoor area. The ceiling treatment here reflects the shape of the water feature in this space.

Great Outdoor Space

images via pinterest

Style in the Bathroom


There is nothing better to me than a great bathroom. It does not have to be large or grand. It can be simple and small in size. But the details that are put into it will show as creative and stylish.

Great bathrooms

Onyx bathroom vanity

The details around the walls and vanity can transform the look. Clapboard walls or detailed molding is always a way to bring dimension to a space. The wainscoting in this bath is painted a contrasting color and raised around the vanity to add a backsplash.

Vanity for bathroom

Mirrored Detail behind Bathroom Sink

Vanity with vessel sink

A vanity in the bath can be a piece other than your typical built-in cabinet. This can transform your bath from ordinary to stunning and be a big payoff in the end. Finding a cabinet, table or console piece to serve as your new base is the starting point. Check the height of the piece than select the appropriate sink or vessel sink to complete the look.


Vanity made from piece of furniture


Vanity made from old piece of furniture


Interesting vanity for bathroom


The smallest of details count. Extending the backsplash up the wall and adding the wall-mounted faucet and vessel sink gives this bath a new look.

Free-standing tubs have been and still remain an outstanding feature in any bath. If the space allows, I feel a free-standing tub is the best choice.

Freestanding Tub



Bathroom with freestaning tub
And who doesn’t love a good view…this is definitely the way to start or finish your day!


View from the freestanding tub

 images via pinterest