Tile Tells the Story

There is nothing like that piece in the room, whether it is color, texture or pattern, that can shift a room from simple to extraordinary. It can set the tone for the entire space.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are some of the most popular tiles today. Ceramic tile is made from natural clay, sand and water. They are molded and baked in a kiln to remove most of the moisture. Porcelain tile is also made from clay and are baked at very high temperatures for long periods of time so that almost all the water is removed. Porcelain tile is much harder and denser than ceramic due to the longer drying time.

There are also glass, marble, metal, and stone tiles along with the widely popular cement encaustic tiles or encaustic- looking tiles that are made of porcelain. True cement tiles are very thick so you would have to account for that thickness prior to purchasing. They need to be sealed regularly and are made by hand.

Black and White Cement Powder Room Floor Tiles
Wood look and encaustic look tile
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This is probably one of my most favorite tile installations that I used in my clients’ master bathroom. It was used on one wall only in the shower and totally transformed the space.

Shopping for tiles for me is like a jewelry or shoe store for others. I could stay for hours and hours and therefore my head is full of a thousand ideas of where and how to install it.

Exterior applications are ideal as well. What a great way to add pattern and color to your outdoor space.

Though encaustic tiles date back to the 1800’s with popularity in the 30’s as well, it has geared up recently again. There are hundreds and hundreds of patterns to choose from with endless ideas of how and where to install it.

For the Love Of…Subway Tile

There is no doubt you will see the use of subway tile if you glance through any design or shelter magazine today or in the past. Subway tiles date back to the early 1900’s where it was used on the walls in the subway system in New York. Today you see these gleaming, white tiles covering the walls of kitchens and bathrooms in homes, restaurants and commercial buildings in the USA and Europe.

Interior Designer in Atlanta

Interior Design firm in Atlanta

Clean and classic in style and color, and definitely ubiquitous, I like that subway tile gives a nod to history yet still feeling current in today’s world.

Whether you use white or dark-colored grout, that is a personal preference. For me, I usually gravitate towards the white tile and white grout combination for it makes for a clean, less “busy” look. Many chefs and restaurants will recommended the use of gray or dark grout in their kitchens for it covers up the stains left from oil and grease when cooking.

Subway tile in restaurant

Though the typical subway tile is usually 3″ x 6″ and thought to be white, today’s subway tile is offered in a multitude of sizes. You will also find tiles with a beveled edge.

These tiles come in a variety of colors such as the black tile used in these kitchens. What a nice contrast the black tile makes with the white cabinets.

Black Subway Tile

Black Subway tile

Subway tiles are typically made of ceramic. But in the past several years, there are new materials available such as glass and marble. Currently there is an array of sizes available to choose from along with a myriad of colors and materials.

Glass Subway Tiles in Kitchen

Glass Subway Tiles in Bath

Marble Subway Tile - Interior Walls Deigns Blog

Tile & Marble Designs

I could actually spend hours and hours in a tile showroom looking at the various and numerous selections of tile and marble. To me, tile is like a piece of art. There are thousands and thousands of selections alone. Then you factor in the combination of two or more tiles together, the design and direction of how the tile is placed, the grout color, etc. and you now have endless possibilities.


Great tiled Wall in Bathroom

Bathroom Tile Design

 New Ravenna Mosaics

Tile and marble can be used for flooring, walls, and backslashes and can be the” art” for most any space or room. A good tile design can tell a story; it can add dimension and color, or it can be textural. It can be simple yet exquisite.

Black and white is a classic color combination. This marble tile had been cut into chevron pieces and designed perfectly for this hallway.

Black and White Tile Design- Interior Walls Design Blog


This cream, black and white marble floor in this foyer is very simple yet elegant. It is classic and will stand the test of time.







You will generally see kitchen designs with backsplashes made of tile yet sometimes marble or granite slabs are used. Currently the marketplace offers so many unique and interesting tiles for the kitchen and bath, that is simply hard to choose.


Kitchen Backsplash - All white


Tiling just the back wall in a bathroom can add lots of color and interest to a somewhat bland space.


Tiling the Back Wall in a Bathroom


Tile on One Wall


Mosaic Tile

New Ravenna Mosaics


You can also combine different types of tile or marble or even different colors and shapes. This bath combined honey-combed shaped wall and floor tiles with marble slabs for the shower.


Marble for the bathroom


Glass Tile in Bath


Love this black and white penny tile they used in the vestibule of this residence. What a clever idea…


Tile in Foyer

Excellent Exteriors

It is rather simple for me to say what makes for a great exterior of a home. It is the attention to the details that makes one home stand out over all the others. I love all types of architecture… from modern to traditional to Spanish influences… and everything in-between. With an emphasis on all things visual, I do have to say that the design is in the details.

These quaint but modern farmhouses feel charming and elegant but in a relaxed, approachable sense.


Exterior Excellence


Modern Farmhouse - Great Exterior


Fluid lines and modest materials are an ideal starting point. Add in the simple beauty of the surrounding landscape and it warrants my attention. Every element and detail needs to be thoughtful and purposeful.


Exterior Excellence - Interior Walls Designs

 Pursley Dixon Architects

Great Exteriors



Gone are the days when the homes and barns were built in the dogtrot style. Dogtrot floor plans date back to the late 19th and early 20th century. Typically is consisted of two cabins under one roof-line with an open area or breezeway in the middle. Because of the heat and humidity in the southern states, this style home would allow for continuous air flow.


Dogtrot Modern Home


Dogtrot Style Home


Dogtrot Floor Plan

Architectural Digest

Whether it is stone, brick, timber or concrete, these homes have a welcoming vibe that captures my interest.

Great Modern Home


Excellent Exteriors - Blog by Interior Walls Designs


Exteriors that are Superb


Southern Charm Exterior


Southern Exterior



Some homes you feel you must see the inside to get a true sense of space. The exterior architecture is so intriguing  therefore what a great treat it would be to peek inside.


Excellent Exteriors



Modern Farmhouse - Interior Walls Designs Blog


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For the Love of…Steel Doors and Windows

As a designer, there are many areas of a home that I sometimes feel are overlooked and under appreciated. The doors and windows have great potential and really add more character and personality than one might think. When the budget allows, consider my all-time favorite…steel doors and windows.

Steel Doors and Windows   Steel Windows in Kitchen   Wall of Steel Doors and Windows     Exterior Steel Doors


Steel doors and windows are so classic and timeless, in my opinion. They offer a minimalist feel which is ageless and memorable in all respects. They are ideal for most traditional and contemporary settings. Not every window or door of the home needs to be made of the same material. If done correctly, a steel door or grouping of windows can be added to the exterior. Homeowners tend to think that all the windows in a home have to match one another. Depending on the fenestration, the arrangement of doors and windows, you can have more than one style of window or door.


Exterior Photos of Steel Doors and Windows  


There are some areas of the home that can be more defined. These steel doors and walls can define two areas while still allowing the space to feel open and the flow to be uninterrupted.



Interior Walls Designs Blog - Steel Doors   Steel Window Wall   Interior Steel Doors - Interior Walls Designs Blog   Interior Steel Window


The kitchen is an ideal location in the home to add this style of window. Steel doors can also be used in the bathroom; even used for the shower door. Any room in the house truly has potential for steel door and windows.


Steel Window in Kitchen   Steel Doors in the Bath

House Beautiful

Steel Wall in Kitchen - Interior Walls Designs

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